about us

Customized products began in 1998

Tech Design Hong Kong was established in 1998.

TD Head office handles requeasts from our Export Customers invoicing in USD,from our International Customers invocing in EUR and from our Local Customers invoicing in HKD for the HongKong market.

It increases our competitiveness by invocicing directly from HK

Tech Design DongGuan was established in 2008.

it is our production monitoring offive located close to all the factories(i.e.Dongguan,Shenzhen,Canton) Tech Design Dongguan consists of a team of more than 30 dedicated employess assigned to supervise:

Development and sourcing of factories,materials and products. Application of CSR and SA8000 standards(follow-up audits and pre-audit plants) Production monitoring and quality control

Tech Design Shanghai was established in 2014.

handles the increasing demand in the booming Chinese market.It offers the opportunity to support our customers’ develoments in this market and to be charged in Yuan currency & the opportunity for Tech Design to increase sourcing factories in Northern China.

Tech Design Pairs was established in 2015.

has dedicated sales and design teams & a showroom for European clients. It closely monitor every project with all the European accounts.


Inastillunstable contextourfigures bear witness to the loyalty of our customers and the

good governance of our group as well as the involvement of all our teams!

The diversification of our markets and our presence in Asia allows us to maintain our growth.

Thank you for your support!